One of my initial actions as LaJolla Map and Atlas Museum Director was to designate Leonora Weaver as our first choice for the repair and conservation of our maps, some of which are so rare as to be considered "one of a kind".

- Capt. Richard Cloward, USN (Ret), Pacific Shore Maps

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Art Restoration Services At A Glance:

Cleaning, stain removal & deacidification
Surface treatment of mold & fungus
Paper repairs including rips, tears & holes
Removal of acidic backings, mats, tape & glue
Flattening folds, creases and rolls
Varnish removal and cleaning of paintings
Lining and infilling
Hand coloring

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Expert Art Restoration

Leonora Okarma Weaver

The National Trust, Number 10 Downing Street, European Royal families, Columbia Theological Seminary and countless private collections have entrusted Leonora Weaver with their restoration projects.

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