One of my initial actions as LaJolla Map and Atlas Museum Director was to designate Leonora Weaver as our first choice for the repair and conservation of our maps, some of which are so rare as to be considered "one of a kind".

- Capt. Richard Cloward, USN (Ret), Pacific Shore Maps

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Art Restoration Clients

Expert Art Restoration By Leonora Okarma Weaver

My clientele have come from all walks of life and I'm happy to work with whoever needs my services. From my neighbors to the local museums, from local art galleries to collectors from countries all over the world! I've helped repair and restore the damages that occurs from:

  • domestic pipe bursts to Hurricanes,
  • from smoke damage from house fires to the yellowing film of cigarette smoke,
  • from damage caused by falling pictures to accidental damage caused by a ball game in the living room
  • The browning caused by sunlight and acidic boards and mats, to "foxing" - the brown spots caused by mold

All this and more I can cure!

Selected Clients Include:

The National Trust asked me to restore a series of oil portraits that now hang in a Herefordshire manor house.

Hampton Court Palace asked me to work on a series of portrait prints that were used in an exhibition about the Kings of England.

I was asked by Number 10 Downing Sreet to restore and hand color the official Egyptian governments' gift to the Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. These were David Roberts views of Eygpt.

The Royal House of Faoud in Saudi commissioned me to restore an illuminated manuscript.

I did a series of mats for the photo portraits of multiple generations of student classes for Columbia Theological Seminary.

For the Matheson Museum I re-silked oriental scrolls.

Flagler College, St Augustine commissioned me to cleaned 8 large pastels, one of which is shown on the photo montage.

I was asked by the Auburn Ave Library to do a condition assessments of their vast art collection. For five days I delved into their back storage shelves, assessing and correcting conservation storage and issues and analyzing conservation needs. I worked with the staff to update their reports and inventories.

From private clients, insurance agencies, interior designers to framing galleries, I deal with all sorts of fine art damage and restoration problems. From repairing an oil that got a baseball through it to those who inherit Grandma's bedroom print and the pictures that mean a great deal to them.

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