A professional restorer for troublesome pieces. Leonora Weaver has restored many artworks and prints for us. She has brought back to life works of art that we previously thought to be unsalvageable. A highly recommendable professional and learned restorer, who applies much scholarship into her efforts.

- R.A. Dabney, Flamboyon Antiques

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Fine Art Insurance Services

When fire or floods occur we can work with your Insurance companies and the professional Restoration Services to help get your cherished possessions back into as near perfect condition as we can. With many years experience behind us we CAN make a difference! Even the most destroyed items can be returned to an enjoyable condition.

This is a back view of a canvas that got wet in a pipe burst and was delayed getting to me. Don't let this happen to you!

Quick action is always needed when items are damaged by water or fire. If I can get to a water damaged artwork while it is still wet I can clean and repair it with minimal intervention. If intervention is delayed and mold is allowed to set in, serious damage occurs and it makes the repair of the artwork much more difficult. I work closely with the insurance and restoration companies and have frequently gone out to the site of the accident in order to assist them in their work.