Since the passing of Leonora Weaver, existing and new clients may contact Laura Goodman of PaperCare Studio in Atlanta, Georgia to discuss their work and arrange appointments.

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Meet Scamper, trusted assistant.

My wife and I could not be more pleased with the quality of restoration work done for us by Leonora Weaver. Whether it be paper, watercolor, oil or antique picture frames, Ms. Weaver is a master of her craft when it comes to restoration work. We like to call her "The Miracle Lady".

She worked on all four categories for us. You will not find a better resource and she has our highest recommendation.

Claudia and Wayne Aaron
Sandy Springs, Georgia

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Meet Leonora

Leonora was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1957 the daughter of Margaret and Eugene Okarma, who founded the renowned Okarma Jones Gallery. She lived in Atlanta until the age of ten, and in 1970, Leonora's family took a "classic" grand tour of Europe and England. It was during this visit that the family discovered Brobury House in Herefordshire, where her father moved the family two years later. Leonora graduated from Bedgebury Park boarding school in Kent and then was one of the first girls to graduate in 1979 from the 900-year-old Hereford Cathedral School. She then began a five-year apprenticeship in the family business: Framing, Art selling and Art Restoration. She now has 30 of years experience to draw on.

Leonora Weever

Not only is she trained in oil restoration, also she specializes in paper-based artworks such as watercolors, maps and prints. Leonora's experience is quite varied. The smallest piece she has restored is a two-inch square etching, and the largest is a map fourteen feet long. The earliest item she ever worked on was a map dating from 1482!

In 1991 she became a full partner with her father, Eugene Okarma and Leonora and her husband, David Weaver, moved into the family's country house, taking on the management of the art gallery and all the estate's businesses. For ten years she managed the Brobury House estate and by the year 2000, after the death of her husband and then her father, it was decided to sell Brobury House and close the gallery. Leonora moved to Decatur, Georgia. After 30 years in England, Leonora wanted to give Atlanta a try and she has now opened an Art restoration studio.

Leonora Okarma Weaver will offer the same high quality art restoration services in her native country as she did for many years in England. She enjoys working with gallery owners, private collectors and antique dealers.

Leonora is a member of the American Institute of Conservation (AIC) and a member of SERCA.